10 Most Important Coverage Options in Home Insurance

10 Most Important Coverage Options in Home Insurance

When buying a home insurance policy, there are many coverage options available to a homeowner. Most are not included by default, so it's best to review what each coverage protects and decide what is important for your home. 

  1. Water Backup Coverage
  2. High Value Personal Items (Jewelry/Computers/etc)
  3. Personal Property Replacement Cost
  4. Identity Theft Coverage
  5. Water Damage Coverage (TX, FL)
  6. Service Line Coverage
  7. Screened Enclosure Coverage (FL, GA)
  8. Mold Coverage
  9. Foundation Slab Leak Coverage (TX)
  10. Flood and Earthquake Coverage (separate policies)

Each coverage add-on has its own benefits and costs. Coverage for mold, flood, and earthquake can be quite expensive in high risk homes due to the cost of damages to repair.

In certain coastal states, like Texas, Florida, and Georgia, there are some coverage options not included in your policy that would be available in most other states: water damage, screened enclosures, and foundation slab leaks

Water backup and service line coverage are easy add-ons that don't cost too much. Service line is usually around $2/mo and water backup is ~$8-$15/mo. 

Your home and personal belongings will determine what coverage additions make sense for you. Check your risk exposure to common storms and do an inventory check of your high value items. These will give you a better idea of what coverage gaps you have on your homeowners policy. 

You're already ahead of the game! Great job on doing your research on homeowners insurance.

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