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30 Ways To Save Money On Home Insurance

Homeowners know that home insurance prices only seem to go up. Here are the top 30 ways to find savings on your next home insurance bill:

  1. New Roof Update - insurance carriers love a new roof
  2. Higher Deductible - $1,000+
  3. Self Insure - not recommended, but it is cheaper
  4. Update Heating, Electrical, and Plumbing - if home is over 40 years old
  5. Hip Roof Shape - stronger against windstorms
  6. Fire Alarm/Sprinkler System - put out the fires fast
  7. Improve Your Credit - this goes with most financial products
  8. No Claims History - try to avoid filing claims less than 3x your deductible
  9. Don't File Claims That Aren't Covered - even if your claim is denied, it still counts on your claims record for 3-5 years
  10. Sell the Trampoline - many carriers won't even insure a home with a trampoline
  11. Get a 4 Point Home Inspection - for homes over 40 years old in Florida
  12. Remove the Slide/Diving Board from Pool - fun, but dangerous
  13. Burglar Alarm/Security Camera - stop a burglar in his tracks
  14. Storm Shutters/Hurricane Grade Windows - keeps the wind, rain, and hail on the outside
  15. Wind Mitigation Report - looking at you, Florida
  16. Pay Off Your Mortgage - if you have paid off your home, carriers prefer to insure you
  17. Hail Resistant Roofing - for obvious reasons
  18. Move Closer to a Fire Department - within 5 miles is good, within 1 mile is great
  19. Paid-in Full - most people know this
  20. Trim Your Trees - especially if branches are hugging your roof
  21. Bundle Home & Auto - works 60% of the time, every time
  22. Avoid These Dog Breeds - bad owners cause bad behavior, not bad breeds, but carriers don't have a way to rate owners yet...
  23. Don't Switch Too Often - carriers often reward loyal customers
  24. Use an Insurance Agent - they know what's competitive in your area
  25. Reduce Coverage You Don't Need - check Coverage B and Coverage C
  26. Get a Quote At Least 8 Days in Advance - proof you don't have a claim to file
  27. Retire - grandma gets a discount!
  28. Maintain Continuous Coverage - avoid a lapse in coverage
  29. Sign Up for Paperless/E-signature - save trees, save money
  30. Go Shopping - howdy partner, you have arrived


Now you know how to make home insurance more affordable. Looking for a shortcut to some savings:

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