30 Ways To Save Money On Homeowners Insurance - YA

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30 Ways To Save Money On Home Insurance - YA

Homeowners know that home insurance prices only seem to go up. Here are the top 30 ways to find savings on your next home insurance bill:

  1. New Roof Update - insurance carriers love a new roof
  2. Higher Deductible - $1,000+
  3. Self Insure - not recommended, but it is cheaper
  4. Update Heating, Electrical, and Plumbing - if home is over 40 years old
  5. Hip Roof Shape - stronger against windstorms
  6. Fire Alarm/Sprinkler System - put out the fires fast
  7. Improve Your Credit - this goes with most financial products
  8. No Claims History - try to avoid filing claims less than 3x your deductible
  9. Don't File Claims That Aren't Covered - even if your claim is denied, it still counts on your claims record for 3-5 years
  10. Sell the Trampoline - many carriers won't even insure a home with a trampoline
  11. Get a 4 Point Home Inspection - for homes over 40 years old in Florida
  12. Remove the Slide/Diving Board from Pool - fun, but dangerous
  13. Burglar Alarm/Security Camera - stop a burglar in his tracks
  14. Storm Shutters/Hurricane Grade Windows - keeps the wind, rain, and hail on the outside
  15. Wind Mitigation Report - looking at you, Florida
  16. Pay Off Your Mortgage - if you have paid off your home, carriers prefer to insure you
  17. Hail Resistant Roofing - for obvious reasons
  18. Move Closer to a Fire Department - within 5 miles is good, within 1 mile is great
  19. Paid-in Full - most people know this
  20. Trim Your Trees - especially if branches are hugging your roof
  21. Bundle Home & Auto - works 60% of the time, every time
  22. Avoid These Dog Breeds - bad owners cause bad behavior, not bad breeds, but carriers don't have a way to rate owners yet...
  23. Don't Switch Too Often - carriers often reward loyal customers
  24. Use an Insurance Agent - they know what's competitive in your area
  25. Reduce Coverage You Don't Need - check Coverage B and Coverage C
  26. Get a Quote At Least 8 Days in Advance - proof you don't have a claim to file
  27. Retire - grandma gets a discount!
  28. Maintain Continuous Coverage - avoid a lapse in coverage
  29. Sign Up for Paperless/E-signature - save trees, save money
  30. Go Shopping - howdy partner, you have arrived

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Now you know how to make home insurance more affordable. Looking for a shortcut to some savings:

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