Are Asteroids, Meteors, and Space Debris Covered By Home Insurance

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Are Asteroids, Meteors, and Space Debris Covered By Home Insurance

Homeowners know home insurance excludes certain types of coverage - what about asteroids? First, let's look at the probabilities. How likely would it be for an asteroid to hit your home?

According to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, no human in the past 1000 years has been known to be killed by an asteroid. That being said, about once every million years, a big one strikes:

Fifteen million years ago a 1500-meter (5000 feet) asteroid or comet hit Bavaria, excavating more than a trillion tons of material and scattering it all over Europe. (one trillion tons = the weight of 2.7 billion 747 jumbo jets) 

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So while the odds are extremely low, the cost is potentially quite high.

Lucky for you, homeowners insurance includes coverage for falling objects, which includes asteroids, meteors, and space debris! While a homeowners claim in this category is quite rare, it does not prevent it from happening in the future. Astronauts of America, sleep well - your home insurance will step in if the cosmos throw your home a spaceball.

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