Does Home Insurance Cover Fences?

Does Home Insurance Cover Damage to Fences?

Your fence would be covered as long as the peril that caused the damage was covered by your policy. Most all home insurance policies provide damage for wind and a falling tree (the two biggest enemies of your neighborhood fence).

How Much Fence Coverage Do I Have?

The coverage amount is based on the line item Coverage B: Other Structures on your home insurance declarations page. You will still have to first pay your deductible out of pocket, but then Coverage B will step in as long as the fence was damaged by a covered loss.

The only way to know exactly what your policy covers is to read your specific home insurance policy documents and/or consult your insurance agent. Generally speaking, wind, hail, and falling trees are covered by your home insurance policy, but damage from birds, insects, and vermin or intentional damage would not be covered.

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Should I File a Claim?

At Young Alfred, we recommend not filing a claim that is less than 2x-3x your deductible. For example, if you have a $1,000 deductible and a small section of the roof fell down in a windstorm, it is probably not a good idea to file that claim. If you do file a small claim, it will go on your insurance record for 3-5 years and could penalize you in future years.

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