Golf Cart Insurance: What Does It Cover and Who Needs It?

What You Need to Know About Golf Cart Insurance Before You Zip Away

It may seem excessive, but you should be careful before jumping into your next golf cart. A report detailing the injuries from golf carts found that between 1996 and 2006 there were 147,696 injuries, two-thirds of those injured were older than 16. And the most common injury was falling out of the golf cart

One of the reasons for such a high injury rate is that golf carts often seem harmless. But weighing in at just under 1,000 lbs, and clocking top speeds of 15 mph, you'd sometimes be safer crashing a bull. 

How Does Golf Cart Insurance Work?

Whether you own a golf cart or plan on using one, you should be aware of the coverages available to you. Many people think that a golf cart is automatically insured by a homeowners policy. Wrong. If you live in Arizona, you are required to have liability insurance before you attempt to tame the beast.

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Whether or not your golf cart is insured depends on the type of homeowners policy you have. Many homeowners insurance companies will either cover it automatically or offer it as an add-on to the policy. These policies tend to be relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of insurance. Florida has a lot of golf carts, and you will find carriers more likely to include it in your homeowners policy.

What Can Impact Your Golf Cart Coverage?

Your coverage will vary depending on the type of golf cart you have. A standard golf cart policy is much less of a liability than a modified golf cart or an ATV. 

Some activities can void the golf cart coverage should an accident happen. To avoid this, do not

  • Drive in unauthorized areas
  • Let un-licensed parties drive your cart
  • Race your cart
  • Rent the buggy to someone
  • Use your tricked out cart to transport people for a business

If your golf cart is insured by your homeowners insurance and you drive it off your property, using it on the road, for instance, you are less likely to be covered should an accident occur. 

What Does Golf Cart Insurance Cover?

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage: If your state requires you to have golf cart insurance, then you would get this type of coverage. This would cover property damage during the accident, damage per accident, and injuries to people. Keep in mind that like any other policy, there is a policy coverage limit. 
  • Guest Passenger Liability: This covers any passengers in the golf cart during the accident and their injuries. 
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Under this coverage, any medical treatment as a result of the accident would be covered. 
  • Collision and Comprehensive: Any repairs and replacement to the golf cart and the other damaged vehicles during an accident would be covered. It’ll also cover any other damages that may happen to the golf cart, even if it’s not from an accident (vandalism, fire, wind, etc). 

What Is the Forecast for Golf Cart Use?

Golf cart use is expected to rise. In 2015, 182,380 units were sold worldwide. That number is expected to nearly double to a projected 301,188 units by 2026

Overall, the safest solution is to keep the golf cart on the golf course or your own property. Always follow the safety regulations when driving. And remember, just because it’s slow, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Be careful out there!

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