How much does home insurance cost in PA?

These are the top four options from hundreds of customers searching for home insurance in PA. If you don't shop, you could be missing out on savings. What's even more interesting, is that one in four shoppers see a $300 difference between their first and second best option.

Insurance companies love to talk about auto insurance, with some spending over $1 Billon a year on advertising. They assume if they get you on car insurance, they will get your home for free. Young Alfred believes you should always shop for home insurance and we are making the shopping process easier than ever. 

The reason to shop - obvious - you can get better coverage and a lower price. Some insurance companies like to play games by adding exclusions to policies in order claim they have the lowest the price. We can help you weed through the FINE PRINT and make a decision that is best for you. 

Shop here to find better coverage and savings on your home insurance. (We can help you bundle your auto as well!)

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Young Alfred