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Stillwater Insurance Review

Stillwater Insurance
 was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, a large mortgage and title services company, and was spun out as a standalone entity in 2012. They offer coverage in all 50 States and distribute through thousands of independent agents (just like us).

The Products

Stillwater offers home, auto, landlord, umbrella, and business insurance. They are a highly selective carrier and target the more preferred risk segment of the insurance market. This means that if you qualify for a policy with Stillwater, the chances are pretty good that the pricing will be competitive. But in order to meet their underwriting guidelines, you need to have good credit, an updated home, and minimal loss history. Their policies are based on the ISO standard forms used by most of the industry, which makes it easy for you to compare coverages. They offer standard add-ons, such as water back-up, identity theft coverage, and scheduled jewelry coverage.

Stillwater has recently released a mobile app on both iOS and Android to allow further customization and management of your policy after you buy. Awesome tech guys!

The Pricing

Stillwater offers many discounts and can be a great option if you have a high credit score, no loss history, and a newer home. Sometimes it makes sense to bundle your home and auto with Stillwater, though their auto products are not yet available nationwide. Stillwater is also making investments in technology, making it easier to communicate with the carrier in a digital fashion (because phone calls are sooo 2000 and late).

The Carrier

Stillwater is rated "A-" by AM Best and manages over $171 million in premium. 

The Claims

Policyholders can file a claim by calling 800-220-1351 any hour of the day or night, or email claims@stillwater.comPro tip: in the event of a loss, customers should take photographs, do the minimal amount necessary to prevent further loss, and save any relevant receipts. 

The Reviews

Stillwater has an "A+" from the BBB which is quite rare among insurance carriers.

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In summary, Stillwater is a great option for you if you fall into the "preferred" risk segment. Awesome job Stillwater on putting customer service first - keep up the great work!

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