The 9 Most Creative Homes on Earth

9. Serbia

Morning Swim? Evening Swim? Afternoon Swim? Some Serbians decided the Drina River was a great place for a hideout. Sounds like something out of a James Bond film. 


8. France

A 3D sundial that regulates temperature throughout the seasons. Welcome to the future, according to one Frenchman.  


7. Poland

An upside-down house turned to an open air museum.  Unclear if it fell right out of a tornado from Kansas.

6. South Africa

The Kloof Road House in Johannesburg. Every room in this contemporary house is open to the outdoors. An open balcony in my bedroom? Yes please.


5. South Korea

The brainchild of Sim Jae-Duck, this toilet shaped house has become an inspiration for toilets everywhere. 


4. Netherlands

In a dystopian future not so far, far away... This home comes equipped with a "water roof" that cleverly captures natural light from above and transports it to the basement. Great for the modern day superhero looking for a batcave in the 21st century. 


3. Indonesia

Bamboo has been used for millennia, but rarely does it find itself tangled in a 6-story jungle mansion. With four bedrooms and open views to the surrounding treetops, this Bali home would make for an immersive and carnal living experience. 

2. Australia

Still only a concept, but this over ocean home in the cliffs of Victoria would add a flutter to your stomach. Expansive ocean views take on a whole new meaning.


1. China

Music lovers rejoice! Just fly over to Huainan and take the escalator inside the violin's belly. You will find yourself shrunk to the size of a mouse exploring the world's largest piano. Strike a chord. 

Hope you enjoyed checking out some creative homes from around the world.

At your service,
Young Alfred