What Does "Personal Injury" Cover On Your Home Insurance?

Personal Injury Endorsement in Home Insurance

When you are buying a homeowners insurance policy, you may be asked,

"Would you like to add a Personal Injury Endorsement to your policy for extra coverage?"

A Personal Injury Endorsement on your home insurance does NOT cover bodily injury or harm to you or someone else on your property. A Personal Injury Endorsement simply covers legal defense costs and losses when someone sues you for libel, slander, or violating their right to privacyLibel is defined as, "defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures." Slander is defined as "defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures etc."

Fun Example

So imagine you write a nasty facebook post attacking Ryan Renolds. Your post goes viral, and Ryan loses his acting role in the upcoming hot action film, Deadpool 3. Ryan is angry because he lost his job, and your nasty post wasn't exactly 100% true. He files a lawsuit against you claiming $300,000 in damages.

But wait Ryan! I've got a Personal Injury Endorsement on my homeowners policy! 

Said no one ever.

Bottom Line

Unless you are regularly roasting/trolling the rich and famous online, you probably should not be too worried about a lawsuit brought against you for defamation. Save the $25/yr and skip this endorsement when buying home insurance. 

At your service,
Young Alfred