What is a Built-In Garage vs Attached Garage vs Detached Garage vs Carport

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What is a Built-In Garage vs Attached Garage vs Detached Garage vs Carport

In home insurance, the construction type of your garage can affect your overall insurance premium. This is because a home insurance carrier or agent wants to make sure your home is insured to replacement cost. Replacement cost should include the cost to rebuild your garage.

There are 4 main garage types:

1. Built-In Garage (Coverage A)

A built-in garage is similar to an attached garage with one key difference: the garage is built-in to the living area and has living space directly above the garage.

Built-In Garage Examples:

built-in garage type 1
built-in garage type 2

2. Attached Garage (Coverage A)

Attached garage is the most common garage type. The garage is attached to the main home, but there is no living space above the garage. 

Attached Garage Examples:

attached garage type 1
attached garage type 2

Detached Garage (Coverage B)

A detached garage is not structurally attached to the main home structure. It still has 4 walls and a roof. The coverage for this garage falls under Coverage B: Other Structures, so make sure you have enough coverage under Coverage B in your home insurance policy.

Detached Garage Examples:

detached garage type 1
detached garage type 2

Carport (Coverage A or Coverage B)

A carport can be attached to the main dwelling structure (Coverage A) or off standing on it's own (Coverage B). A carport is usually just a roof with wood pillars or other supports, but is missing some walls and has no garage door. They are more common in nice weather regions of the US. 

Carport Examples:

Attached Carport (Coverage A)
attached carport type

Detached Carport (Coverage B)
detached carport type

Now you know how to identify garage construction types like an expert!

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