charcoal burning white hot with orange glowHow To Avoid Barbecue/Grill Fires

July is the best month for barbecue with the Fourth holiday and too much summer fun. Unfortunately, it is also the most common month for grill fires. Of the approximately 10,200 grill fires each year, 17% happen in July:

  % Total Grill Fires
July 17%
June 14%
May 13%
August 12%
Avg Other Months 5.5%

A full 85% of these grill fires were started by gas grills, and 25% were started because the grill had not been cleaned. Since 64% of households in America own a gas grill, it's important to take safety measures when firing up the ol' cooker for Independence Day. 

Barbecue/Grilling Safety Checklist

  1. Know where your fire extinguisher is in your home. If you don't have one, keep a filled super soaker or hose nearby your grill.  
  2. Always grill outside
  3. Only use your grill 10 feet from house structure
  4. Keep grill away from deck railings
  5. Clean your grill regularly (every few months)
  6. Open the lid BEFORE turning on the grill
  7. After lid is open, turn on propane tank
  8. Then turn on knobs of grill to open burner
  9. Push the ignition button to start the grill
  10. Don't move the grill while it is turned on
  11. Grill it up!
  12. When done grilling, turn off gas tank first
  13. Finally turn off grill burners/knobs
  14. Let the grill completely cool off before storing
  15. Bonus: do a simple gas leak test when cool

Nice work on being extra safe around your grill! Now enjoy that tasty BBQ. You earned it!

bbq sauce GIF by Sonny's BBQ

If a fire does happen and does a sizable amount of damage to your house, you should be covered by your homeowners insurance (fire is a covered loss). Try to avoid that by using the grill safety checklist above!

At your service,
Young Alfred