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Simply incredible!
Best price and unbelievably good customer service. I’ve never seen anything like it!
Young Alfred is your one-stop-shop for insurance
Young Alfred is your one stop shop for insurance! Made my home insurance buying super easy. I had insurance quotes immediately! Very responsive! Super satisfied customer...thanks!
A smooth process
A smooth process, made even better by my agent Evan Pearson! I’ve always hated buying insurance until now!
Dion is great
Dion is great! I really appreciate Dion's great service and Young Alfred is great.
David Daniels
Very pleased with their professional…
Very pleased with their professional services
Excellent service
I stumbled upon Young Alfred through a picture posted in a personal finance Facebook group. I was tired of insurance companies providing me with different quotes or scammy home insurance ads. Young Alfred did the job and provided me with the lowest quote. What more can I say, excellent service.
Young Alfred Helped This Boomer
Did not have homeowner's insurance. Not a single company, including progressive could help me. Young Alfred not only found me a policy I could afford but they did it expediently, professionally and with minimal hassle. I did not expect it to be that simple. Mine was a difficult case to get a carrier to give me basic coverage. Young Alfred did it. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Young Alfred gave me the best options…
Young Alfred gave me the best options for homeowners' insurance. When I chose a company, I called Young Alfred to answer some questions and the representative was professional and helpful. It was an easy process.
CheonEui Oh
The agent Jesse You was the best!!
The agent Jesse You were the best!!
Excellent experience
Very fast and transparent experience, and most of all, I was able to lower my home insurance premium and save money. I couldn’t be more pleased.
My experience...... Update 5/3/20
I couldn’t give a 5 star review. Initially, after applying, there was a misunderstanding somehow with the VIN or start date so, they didn’t get me a policy started but, after my original review was left, “The Man” himself, called me to explain and we were able to start again the quote process. After a couple more email communications, Gwendolyn was able to get me an unbeatable rate on a six month policy! To make up for the initial difficulties of human error, “The Man” himself forwarded me an Amazon gift card! Kudos to Young Alfred for making the extra effort to smooth things out! Thanks, I now have an auto policy at a great rate and a gift card from Young Alfred!
Chris H
Extremely simple
Extremely simple, responsive and streamlined. Via a website wizard, told Alfred the specifics of my home. Was emailed some options about 30 minutes later. Had insurance an hour after that. Was able to call my assigned agent as needed. Love it and will be using in future. Thanks Dion and Alfred.
F. Blake
Quick and Easy
In a matter of minutes, your service found me the cheapest rates with the quality coverage for my home.
Young Alfred made shopping for homeowners insurance very simple. We were able to get a better rate that the ones we received before trying Young Alfred. I definitely recommend using their service.
Rodney P
Great company
Very easy. Outgoing on the person I spoke with I will tell others about this company.
Lenny K.
Amazing experience with Young Alfred
Great experience with Young Alfred. They guided me through the entire process and made sure i had the proper coverage. The quotes came in way lower than any other quote i received and the coverage was better. Honestly... work with them, but don't expect accuracy if you don't provide proper information -but that just goes for any insurance quote. I highly recommend them and would use them again in the future.
very helpful.
very helpful.
Greg Deever
Wonderful Experience!
Do Yourself a favor and Save yourself some money and time. I checked out other insurance companies on my own but was not satisfied with the quotes. I turned my home and auto search over to Young Alfred and was glad I did. I am saving over $600.00 a year by signing up with a top notch insurance company that Young Alfred found me. Thanks Peter P. for your fast service and time. All Stars here!
Steve B
All online with no phone calls!
For the most part, Gwen did an excellent job. The only reason i don't give 5 stars is that some correspondence was sent indicating an action to take that actually wasn't available. And of course, there is always room for improvement with any service. I would like to point out that I wanted to do everything online without giving out a phone number. In this, Young Alfred excelled brilliantly. Many sites asked for a phone number so that they could spam the phone with calls and texts. I asked Young Alfred to not do this and they complied very well. I continue to get phone calls and texts which are mostly spamming from some of the major companies who, despite my request to not call, continue to call and text and not offer a simple way to compare online. I will always look first to Young Alfred in the future for insurance.
Denise M
Young Alfred did the leg work for me. Saves time!
Young Alfred did the leg work for me. After I answered the questions, Young Alfred did the search and provided me with a few options. Answering the questions took some time, but Young Alfred saved me time in searching. I highly recommend Young Alfred!
Matt Dowle
Very impressed. Highly recommend.
They seem to search the whole market. They didn't bombard me with emails and calls following up. When I came back to them they listened to what I wanted, made sure I understood, and then I got the impression they did work hard in my interests to get the best price for my requirements. Cannot ask for more than that and I have no hesitation in giving 5 stars.
Hollywood Hallet
Excellent communication and understanding. Very professional and smooth flowing!
Kaitlyn T.
The best experience I've had in a long time!
Peter was not only kind but patient! It took us 2+ weeks to get all the quotes and everything set up as I had to relay the messages to my husband who was in the military. He never once tried to rush us or got frustrated but provided us with all the answers to our questions. He also made sure to makes sure everything was laid out and up front after I told him our last insurance agency lied to us.
Right blend of tech and people
Young Alfred leverages just the right amount of technology and people to make the experience excellent. It was easy to enter everything online, through a great UI, and when it came time to purchase and close the process it was easy to get in touch with our assigned agent who was quick to reach out with emails/calls based on urgency.
Millicent Coins
Dion was so great!
Dion was so great! He was so helpful and diligent about helping me find the perfect coverage for my very unique situation. Dion answered every single question I had and always made himself available to me. He reworked my quote every time I made an adjustment and put in maximum effort to get the very best coverage.
Easy to use
Easy to use. And get me a better price
hassle free and great price.
hassle free and great price.
Surprise Contingency
Agent (Evan) resolved a policy issue quickly and effectively.
Michelle M
Could it be real?
Purchasing a new home for the first time has been very stressful. When it came to finding the right homeowners insurance I wanted to shop around. But every place I went just made me fill out information only to send me to more places, more information yet no quotes weeks later I'm still getting calls and emails. Young Alfred at first I thought would be the same but they made the process fun and they were thorough. Even got confetti at the end. When they told me at the end they would send me my quotes I thought "here we go again"....but minutes later I got 3 VERY good quotes in detail leaving nothing to question. I chose the one I wanted and from there Kaitlyn R took over. Kaitlyn was fast at contacting my lender to get the mortgage clause and then sent me the final policy for signature. And what do you know it matched the original quote! No up sells. No games. No ploys. Check one more thing off my list! Young Alfred is the best site I have found and I've already told several friends. I work in the building industry and will tell my clients as well. Thank you Kaitlyn ❤️! You rock!!! Wish I could throw you confetti!
Rodney B.
Great experience
Great experience. Quickly found 3 choices of varying coverages with easy to understand coverages and costs. Once I was ready to choose, customer service was excellent and efficient in getting everything I needed.